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We want to use a wetting agent so what Humana Dental I like using it’s something called tenure s so what tenure s does is that it acts as a bond in answer but it also acts as a wetting agent it’s a highly field let’s say almost like flowable composite of what it does it’s a bond enhancer but.

Humana Dental
Humana Dental

This bond enhancer also goes into the dentinal tubules it penetrates to them and it decreases sensitivity and not only decreases sensitivity but it’s also gonna affect our or bunching this is gonna

give us a higher bond string another challenge that we have is controlling the C factor so the C factor is how much compression does our composite have

When we like sure it so this depends on how many was the actual composite is touching at a time that we’re like hearing it so if it’s a classroom composite and we just fill it up all the way to the top and we like hearing whoa there’s gonna be some shrinkage that’s gonna occur from the sides towards the middle of the composite so the composite is gonna shrink towards.

The middle of it towards the center of the mask and if it’s shrinking towards the center of the mat what that means is that there’s leaving now some open areas some gaps between the composite and the tooth and if there’s a gap between .

The composite and the tooth that is gonna make a patient jump in pain whenever they bite down whenever they’re chewing whenever they’re eating it’s gonna cause a lot of sensitivities and cause a lot of pain next adhesives we spoke a little bit about adhesives already what do you use do you use a soft edge do you use something that’s like here’s something that stool cure or something that self care.